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Foxbridge Primary School - Please find our admissions policy and application form for September 2022 below.

How to apply - please send your completed application form to;

Foxbridge Primary School admissions team,

c/o Scholars Academy Trust offices,

Launde Primary School,

New Street,



Or return via email to please mark your email with the subject 'Foxbridge Primary admissions'.

Please note - our application deadline is 25th March 2022. This is different from the local authority common application deadline of 15th January 2022. The Local Authority will process applications for places at the school and offers will be made on national offer day, Friday 16th April 2022. Parents and carers must still submit their common application form to their local authority by 15 January 2022, listing their other preferred schools and they will still receive an offer of a school place from the local authority on national offer day (16th April 2022).

In situations such as these, parents or carers may hold offers for two school places on national offer day: one offer of a place at Foxbridge Primary School and another offer from the local authority for a place at another primary school. Only one place can be allocated, so the school admissions team will contact parents and carers of children who hold two offers after national offer day to ask parents which school place they want to accept – the place at Foxbridge Primary School, or the place offered by the LA on national offer day.

N.B Depending on your version of Microsoft Office - when completing the application form online, you may need to right-click on the boxes and press 'Add text'. This will enable adding text to each box.

Should you have any queries regarding the application process, please call Mark Barrington on 0116 497 2816 (Mon-Fri between 8.30am - 4.30pm)