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Scholars Academy Trust

Scholars Academy Trust

Financial Support

The Trust wants all schools to be in a strong financial position to ensure that resources are directed to ensuring pupils outcomes are good at all times. The finance team will support schools to ensure that the curriculum drives the school budget.

• Budget preparation and monitoring

• Statutory accounts and returns

• Financial Training

• Budget planning software

• Financial procedures and policies

• Curriculum costing

• Financial control and compliance

• Internal and external audit i.e. accountants

• Payroll and contract services

• Brokerage of insurance

• Brokerage of other core services as required

• Academy conversion process from start to finish

The following has been happening this year.

• The chief financial officer has met regularly with headteachers to discuss the budget and to ensure compliance is being upheld. This is enable Headteachers to be fully involved in the planning and spending of the budget as well as being a good source of professional development for them on budget matters. This is being curriculum and pupil led so that had an impact on outcomes for pupils.

 • Risk registers have been developed for both schools which have been supported by the CFO and CEO. Schools are very clear about what a risk register is and how it is personalised and linked into school improvement plans. The training for this has enabled schools to take ownership but know that someone is there to support and guide as necessary. The evidence of the improvement can be seen within the risk registers and plans for next year’s risk registers are already in place.

• Further support for Headteachers have been through the development of monthly office meetings which is ensuring consistency and efficiencies within offices are being developed. Office staff have had good professional development as a result of this and as a result of sharing good practice and workload it has started to improve efficiencies due to economies of scale on both spending and workload. This has been a new initiative during this year to support schools and headteachers.

• Schools are being provided with support for internal and external audits.

• A unified approach and payroll is coming into action over the coming weeks which will also support for staff in terms of saving time when dealing with payroll and HR •

The executive team have provided additional financial support when office staff have been absent from their own schools.