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Scholars Academy Trust

Scholars Academy Trust


To ensure Scholars Academy Trust is a recognised centre of educational excellence where our pupils and teachers will achieve exceptional outcomes.

Our Mission – What do we need to do to get there?

Our mission is to draw on the individual strengths of each Academy school in the trust to build good practice and ensure that outstanding teaching and learning is at the heart of everything we do. Pupils will achieve excellent academic outcomes in a safe and nurturing environment and be empowered to make decisions about their lives and their contribution to society. We will nurture our staff professionally and foster positive relationships with our parents and the wider community.

Our Values

1. Focus: Pupils at the core of everything we do.

Our overriding aim is to ensure that success and wellbeing of all pupils educated within the MAT so that they fulfil their potential.  We believe that if pupils do not benefit, it is not worth doing. 

2. Outcomes: Measuring our results, ensuring that pupils achieve to their full potential.

Only the best will do for our pupils. We constantly review our results in all areas of learning, including non-academic. We support staff to grow, develop and challenge themselves to take educational risks to support the best outcomes.

3. Inclusion: A voice for everyone and everyone is heard.

It is important that both adults and pupils are involved in the teaching process and opinions valued.

4. Diversity: Valuing strengths.

We value the strengths and enrichment that working in a diverse community brings to enhance educational learning and understanding.

5. Quality: Excellence through innovation, creativity and continuous improvement.

Quality teaching and learning will be our key priority, striving for excellence in creative and mature ways. No complacency.

6. Collaboration: Together we are stronger.

We passionately believe schools should work in partnership to pool resources, expertise and skills to provide the best for all pupils.

7. Challenge: Providing peer to peer support as critical friends.

There is an expectation of staff providing professional support, challenge and development as critical friends to each other in order to gain continuous improvement and maximise outcomes for pupils.

8. Innovation: To be at the forefront of educational innovation and excellence.

To use our links to the Teaching School to ensure we are at the forefront of educational research, innovation and excellence.  The MAT will develop and nurture high quality leadership in order to ensure innovation leads to continual improvement in learning for all pupils.

Integrity, transparency and fairness in all we do

is an important part of our everyday work.