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Scholars Academy Trust

Scholars Academy Trust

The Trust

Scholars Academy Trust is a unique and ambitious multi-academy Trust consisting of three primary schools in Leicestershire. As primary specialists, we are passionate about primary education, and we prioritise an excellent curriculum and pastoral opportunities that foster character development and ensure high standards for our inspiring children. Whilst retaining personalised relationships with our schools, we also possess the capacity to support and drive excellence across our trust family.

At Scholars, we are passionate about the distinctive role our schools play in serving their local communities. We strive for excellence by placing children at the centre of our collaborative decision-making processes, guided by our moral compass and unwavering commitment to shared responsibility. To achieve our mission, we establish strong partnerships with our headteachers, leadership teams, and local governing bodies. These partnerships ensure rigorous evaluation and support, enabling us to continuously strive for and achieve excellence for our children.

In our Trust, schools have access to a wealth of school-to-school support for whole-school improvement. Please refer to our regularly updated and adapted school improvement offer through this link to learn more about the support available to meet the unique needs of our schools.

"Striving for Excellence" is our guiding principle. We firmly believe that, "Every child, in every school, has access to an excellent education and character development in a secure and caring environment."We provide professional development opportunities for teachers at various stages of their careers, including early careers teachers, middle leaders, subject leaders, senior leaders, and aspiring headteachers. Additionally, we offer CPD programs for teaching assistants, midday staff, and other support staff within our schools. Our commitment to excellence is delivered through the expertise of lead practitioners as well as credible external trainers. Staff across our schools are encouraged to collaborate and support one another in their pursuit of excellence in their practice.


'Striving for Excellence'


History of Scholars Academy Trust

Scholars Academy Trust has a rich history that dates back to its formation in 2013. Throughout the years, Scholars has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the quality of education for students, both within the Trust itself and in the wider Leicestershire community. The Trust Board remains devoted to facilitating excellence amongst pupils and staff, empowering them to reach their full potential.

An important milestone in the trust's history came in 2012 when Scholars Academy Trust was granted the prestigious teaching school status. In the wake of nationwide reforms in the teaching school landscape, Scholars Academy Trust has continued to forge partnerships with schools nationally. Through these collaborations, the Trust offers specialised support in primary education, financial management, and operational aspects of school management.

It is worth noting that Scholars Academy Trust extends its support beyond the confines of the Trust itself. The Trust is open to offering assistance to schools that are not currently part of its network. If you believe that Scholars Academy Trust can contribute to the advancement of your school setting, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are eager to explore opportunities for collaboration and support to help your school achieve its goals. Equally, if you would like to learn more about our Trust offer and what being part of Scholars Academy Trust would look like for your school, click here.