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Scholars Academy Trust

Scholars Academy Trust

Leadership Support

Our aim is to ensure that school leaders work together to provide the opportunities that our children should expect within our schools. In order to enable headteachers to develop this the following will take place:-

• Support headteachers with school improvement

• Provide support and challenge

The above two points have been addressed through the support provided by the CEO and school improvement officer. They have regularly met with the head teachers and / or senior staff to discuss the way forward on different aspects of school development. Individual support has been identified within the CEO reports and within the school’s own evaluation of the school development plans. Headteachers have been meeting regularly to ensure that peer to peer support is in place. This forum provides a safe environment for head teachers to to ask difficult questions of each other without judgement. So far this year this has had a very positive effect on school improvements as seen through the minutes and reports from Headteachers.

• Provide mentors as required – Headteachers this year have been supported through the provision of the psychometric tests and evaluations which have led to coaches being put in place.

• Support headteachers with statutory obligations – Statutory obligations with reference to health and safety have been put in place through the COO and the development of the portal. It has ensured full compliance has been met and checks are regularly carried out as the system reminds premises staff to carry out the compliance checks.

• Provide HR / legal support – This is something that is being developed and has been largely the jurisdiction of the current CEO in terms of providing support. The trust is that the pivotal stage of ensuring that someone responsible for HR makes that provision across all schools so that there is a consistent approach. This is not being a concern up to now and schools report that the knowledge and expertise that they currently receive from the CEO supports them on the HR and legal aspects of everyday management. The CEO has provided professional support to ensure that head teachers have the knowledge and the skills to carry out a considerable amount of HR work themselves.

• Provide business support e.g. management of land and buildings, health and safety – The COO as stated above is supporting schools in all these aspects which is taken the workload away from Headteachers who can then concentrate on teaching and learning. Further efficiencies are being developed as the trust moves forward which will give further support to schools.

• Support schools with attendance and safeguarding procedures and compliance - this is an area that had a lot of support and safeguarding compliance as holes trust approach has been developed. Safeguarding reviews are carried out by the trustee alongside a school governor to ensure safeguarding compliance. Training is provided from top and then headteachers are following through a day-to-day basis. Schools no that the executive team would support them further should the need arise. Attendance has been largely supported through the local authority provision which the trust has encouraged the schools to access as the time being that if the appropriate way forward.